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How it Works

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Start in your kitchen..

tractor compost pile.JPG

..give back to the planet

Start by signing up and you'll receive your residential food waste starter kit on your next regular trash day.

Just collect scraps from your kitchen throughout the week in the countertop caddie and then transfer into your yellow curbside bin. Set out to your curb alongside your other waste bins on trash day. 

..We will then take your food scraps to our processor where they will turn it into environmentally safe compost.


Feel good knowing that you've turned your spoils into soil, which is 100% better for the environment vs. throwing it in the trash. You've done your part in diverting from the Summit County landfill and reducing local greenhouse emissions. Good job!


 Here's what's coming in your Spoil to Soil Starter Kit!


1 Countertop Caddie
1 Curbside Bin with easy snap lid
Compostable Countertop Caddie Bags
Compostable Curbside Bin Liner Bags

You seem different.  Did you change something? Your carbon footprint is looking so much smaller!

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