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There's a new bin in town! 


The Summit County landfill is running out of space. We need solutions! Did you know? Up to 30% of what goes in a landfill is compostable food scraps.


By composting, you will start to reverse the environmental effects that your food waste has on the local land, air and water by diverting it from the landfill and instead turning it into natural compost. Spoil to Soil helps you compost straight from your kitchen and back to the planet. When you become a member you are doing your part to preserve our environment, extend the life of our Summit County landfill and reduce your carbon footprint. We believe in facing our waste and taking action for a better tomorrow! 


A greener community

There's no place like Park City! Every year thousands of visitors come to experience this beautiful place that celebrates nature in the most unique way. As local residents we can help keep down our own waste that accumulates year round. We thank you for taking the time to do your part for a greener community. 



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