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Thank You For Joining Spoil To Soil!

We will deliver your Starter Kit on your regular garbage day. Below is a quick guide to help you get started.

Your Starter Kit Will Include

1 x Countertop Caddie
1 x Curbside Bin with Locking Handle
1 x Roll of Compostable Countertop Caddie Bags
1 x Roll of Compostable Curbside Bin Liner Bags

Find a Place for Your Caddie and Bin

The caddie can be conveniently placed on, below or near to the countertop where you do most of your food preparation. Really any place that you’ll remember to use it!

Most people keep their curbside bin the garage, create a spot in their kitchen pantry or place it next to their garbage can. The liners really help to keep any smells or odors contained!

Using Your Kitchen Caddie

Place a small compostable bag in your caddie. Place food waste in the countertop caddie throughout the day and week. Once the countertop caddie is full, tie off the baggie and place it into your curbside bin.

Using Your Curbside Bin

On your designated trash day, place your curbside bin on the opposite side to where you typically place your regular trash and recycling bins. Set the bin a few feet back from the curb where our driver can easily spot it, as well as to avoid it being run over by cars, trucks or snowplows (‘tis the season!).

You will receive a clean bin on each collection day and can start the process all over again to divert your food waste from the Landfill!

Liners and Food Waste Safety

All Spoil To Soil food waste service members must use a compostable container/liner for their food waste. Health codes for Summit Country require certain safety guidelines for handling and processing food waste and should be maintained with special efforts to minimize any containment to handlers, animals, soil, air and bodies of water.

Questions + Supplies

Any questions, concerns or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Need additional supplies? Just click on the Supplies link above to place your order. Orders are delivered on your next day of service.


The Compost Guide

We can generally compost most anything organic. Below is handy guide to what we can and cannot compost. If you have any questions, please email us at


Yes, Please!

Eggshells (eggshells are the best!)
Egg Cartons (please remove any plastic labels)
Coffee Grounds
Coffee filters

Tea bags (remove string and staple)
Any Grains – Pasta, Rice, Cereal, Bread
Paper Towel soiled with any of the Do’s
Potted Plants
Cut Flowers
Uncoated paper products





We look forward to serving you weekly! Have a green day!


-Spoil to Soil team

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